When it comes to getting married, the words tradition and planning come to mind- but since when have I ever been the traditional type?!

When he popped the question in January of this year, we were both totally elated and could not wait to begin our new life together. Spring forward to mid February, and instead of just getting started with the meticulous wedding planning and initial ideas, we were standing opposite one another reciting our vows! Talk about a whirlwind- In less than 5 weeks we managed to pull together the most beautiful, intimate wedding ceremony at a dream venue.

I have always been one to overly stress about any and every given situation, and we decided to just do what WE wanted with planning our wedding. No seating arrangement nightmares, no awkward entertaining of distant family members, no stress. Just me, my love, and our parents.


With my family living in Oxfordshire, and my (now) husband being French, what better than the beautiful Belmond Le Manoir Aux Quat’Saisons to fuse our families? By some stroke of a miracle the venue was available on the date we wanted, and that was that- We were to be married in the hotel’s stunning L’Orangerie suite.

Screen Shot 2018-04-05 at 4.03.28 PM



The Dress. THE dress. I’m sure this has caused many hours of heartache and indecision, but as soon as I stepped foot into Harrods’ gown room I knew this J Mendel dress was the one for me. Again- never one for the traditional route, this black and navy blue piece with silk ruffle and sheer detail was just perfect whilst still maintaining a romantic element. Paired with some Dior Tribales earrings and Manolo Blahnik BB 105s, I had managed to find my complete wedding outfit in one fell swoop.

Let’s not forget the bouquet – With live butterflies to add some extra magic to the day!






So with this being a very un-traditional event, with only 6 guests including ourselves, there was no “big reveal” down the aisle or anything like that. Just me and my husband-to-be meeting up and taking a walk around the venue’s stunning grounds before the ceremony. It was absolutely magical to see each other for the first time that day having spent all morning preparing! He had no clue about my dress, let alone the fact it wasn’t going to be white! It was such an incredible experience to just take it all in and be together right before the point of no return!


If you’re considering not going down the traditional route for a wedding because it’s just not you, then JUST DO YOU! I have absolutely no regrets having such a small wedding, it was absolutely perfect and I’m sure I saved myself a tonne of stress and panicking by just going for it and doing whatever it was that WE wanted to do.

What does your dream wedding entail?! Would you ever consider doing it all in under 5 weeks?




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